Is there a way to setup a deposit on an "regular" schedule where the actual day of the month changes

The "money-honey" is excited to have stumbled across the cashflow planning calendar feature of Quicken Deluxe today. But she can't figure out how to set up "regular" (ie. "second Wednesday of each month") deposits in the calendar as the only choice in the drop-down is a specific day (ie "19th") of each month but the actual day of the month that the second Wednesday falls on is different every month. Since Social Security is set up to pay this way it would seem logical for Quicken to be able to handle this variation.


- Ken

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  • Thank you so much, Sherlock ... so simple... and obvious once she saw the screenshot. She's a happy camper, so happy that after 50 years of use she made the heretofore unthinkable statement: "I may get rid of my little black ledger book."

    Regards, Ken
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