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I would like the ability to set a parameter on my accounts identifying the statement due date (need to be able to "opt out" on accounts that don't have statements to reconcile). When that date has passed, if the account hasn't been reconciled, the Account Name in the left menu bar would change (bold, color, background - just some indicator). I would like a notice/reminder that an account is past due on reconciliation.


  • UKR
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    Simplest workaround that I can think of would be to create a Scheduled Reminder in each of these accounts:
    • Payee "Reconcile Me {account name}"
    • Amount 0.00
    • Due next on xx/xx/xx, monthly, every [xx] months
    • Remind me [xx] days in advance
    • When the reminder due date approaches you'll see it pop up in your reminder views and the register.
    After you reconciled the account, "Skip" the reminder to set it again for next time in [xx] months.
  • robbie53024
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    OK, I will try that. But still seems like this should be a basic part of functionality.
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    There is an existing Idea which has been languishing with few votes.

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