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Have lots of transactions in quicken(just investments nothing else) from 2018 to 2022
Want to set up new copy for just investments 2022
With just transaction for 2022
With clean security list! And none of the past expired options or transactions
If I want history I can look at prior copy of quicken.
Have too many security listed too hard to hide old ones or stop them from downloading quotes
Most are options which expired in 2018- 2022 they are no loner relevant
- is there a way to quickly edit security list to hide old expired options? And old stock?
Clicking them 1 by one takes too long and is impossible with thousands of securities
So how do I create new copy of quicken
How do I stop brokers from down loading prior years transaction if I setup up again.
Just want to download 2022 not prior years.


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    If you really want a clean start with no investing or banking history and an empty security list, you could start a new data file with File > New Quicken file.

    You will have to set up your accounts again and establish opening holdings. You will get whatever transactions the brokers decide to download which might be 90 days or more, but you do not need to accept them.
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