Missing Transactions Every Month (Merrill Lynch)

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For at least the last year, when reconciling accounts, I can't get my Merrill Lynch accounts to balance. It turns out there are several dividend or interest transactions that are missing from the register (at least a few every month). It's only been happening with accounts at Merrill Lynch and it's happening on different accounts in two different Quicken files (so probably not file corruption). I reconcile every 3 to 6 months so there are always several missing transactions.

The missing transactions are often on a single day in the month but sometimes within a range of days. I'll never see a missing transaction on a day where other transactions successfully downloaded. When I manually download transactions to a qfx file from the specific range of days, the missing transactions download fine and can be accepted into the register.

I do OSU about once a week. The connection method for the account says, "Direct Connect". I assume the problem is on the Merrill side of the process but how can I find out? Could it be a protocol disconnect between Quicken and Merrill? Is anyone else seeing this problem?

Let me know what you think.


  • Evan100
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    I have never gotten interest transactions to download. I've even discussed this issue with my ML adviser. This has been going on for years, forcing me to enter these transactions manually. Until this last week, all other transactions were downloading successfully. With the latest Quicken (PC) update, Quicken changed the default view for Investment Transactions to Dashboard taking me forever to find my registers again for these type of accounts and have somehow broken the download of all ML transactions to my accounts
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