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Hi love the software , i can see i will not be able to connect directly to my financial institutions , however can i manually upload my accounts ,

Is there any South Africans that use this with success or have any alternatives for me


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    Given the lack of online services I personally would never pay for "Quicken Subscription".

    What I would do instead is download the free Quicken 2013, which is the last version that is completely separate from any "online", including the need for a Quicken Id to register.
    It can be found here:
    Convert Data From an Earlier Version of Quicken (When to Use an Intermediate Version)

    Expand the "If you are converting from Quicken 2004 to 2009" section to see the download link.
    You can get the latest patch release for it from my website:

    Install R12 Mono.

    For importing transactions, you will need to import them in QIF format.
    If you need conversions from other formats or to fix things like the dates (the dates have to be US format for the QIF import even if you have your Windows short date set differently that Quicken uses for the register), you can use my free program ImportQIF:
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
    This is my website:
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