Backup file name suggests something is wrong

At some point recently Quicken reported a problem and some data was missing. Don't remember all the things I did to recover the data but now my backups have strange names and it's got me concerned. Data seems to be there and it makes new backups with these two part names. Names make it seem like the current dataset is derived from an earlier dataset with a more recent dataset dead-ended. I attached a copy of the directory showing the issue.


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    When you restored the 6/24/21 backup, you failed to remove the date from the file's name, so that your data went from being named RENTALACCTS to RENTALACCTS-2021-06-24.
    If you look at the top left corner of the Quicken window, you will see that is the name of the file that is currently open.
    What I would do is to go to the folder where the Quicken data file is stored (with Quicken closed), rename the file back to RENTALACCTS, then double-click on the renamed file causing Quicken to start and remember the file's new name in the Recent files section of the File menu.
    You are lucky, some users don't notice this until they have 3 or 4 dates in the file's name.

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