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I have only recently transitioned my investment accounts from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac. I am seriously disappointed in the investment portion of this software. I believe the investment calculations are inaccurate despite the fact that I have spend considerable time to download my extensive transactions history. This is particularly true to the Average Annual Return % (IRR) and the Return on Investment % (ROI). In addition the Allocation by Asset Class on the Dashboard page also does not appear accurate as well. Please investigate this issue to conform with the standards previously seen on the Windows version. Thank you.


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    @Myc52k First, you should know you're not talking to Quicken management or Quicken Support on this forum; it's mostly fellow Quicken users with help from a few Quicken moderators. People here are happy to work through apparent problems with user to resolve problems or confirm bugs which need to be reported.

    Second, your statements are very broad generalizations. For anyone to help with any of these issues, you'll need to get into specifics to see if others can confirm your observations/math or not. For example, you wrote: "the Allocation by Asset Class on the Dashboard page also does not appear accurate". Can you pick an investment account with limited holdings which generates erroneous asset allocations? For instance, I have one small brokerage account with a handful of securities. I can compare the Holdings card and the Asset Allocation card and see that the numbers match and are correct. Can you provide information, in text or screenshot, where the asset allocation values appear inaccurate? 
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