Switching Accounts to Direct Connect

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  • djsomers
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    I started having this problem when I received a new Citi card a few weeks ago and set it up in Quicken Deluxe. Instead of being able to use Direct Connect, which I've always done, the account set up using Express Web Connect. I was not given any kind of choice. I'm experiencing issues with other accounts too, being forced to use Express rather than Direct Connect. I want to change all of my accounts back to Direct Connect. I've ended up with a new VISA card from Bank of America. All of my BoA accounts are Direct Connect but when I tried to set up the new VISA card, I received the message that I had to connect with the same connection as my other accounts, but again, I was not given any choice. I'm wondering if Express Web Connect is causing some of the problems.
  • Chris_QPW
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    What did you use for the financial institution?
    It has to be Citi Cards not Citibank, and even then, you should go into the Advanced Options to ensure it is being setup with Direct Connect:

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