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Quicken is a wonderful product but support leaves a lot to be desired. I have been on hold for an hour and ten minutes as I type this and I'm running out of time. Very disappointing


  • jacobs
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    @leelarsen4921 Did you get through or give up to try another day?

    I'm not taking excuses for them, but there's a lot more activity in the first weeks every year as new users start using Quicken to work on their taxes… and today because it was the first day after they were closed for a 3-day weekend.

    In any case, this forum is mostly fellow Quicken users plus a few Quicken-employed moderators. There's nothing anyone here can do about Quicken Support, good or bad. My only suggestion is to try different times of day if you can, when the Support website shows a wait time under 20 minutes; the wait time shown may not be precise, but it should be in the ballpark. 
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