total dollar amount of all filtered transactions no showing

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Hi All,
Curious if anyone has the same issue. When filtering in your register for a specific keyword or memo and the results are displayed, Quicken used to show the total dollar amount (of the filtered transactions) on the bottom. Now the only number you see is "ending balance". Anyone has the same issue?


  • Ghostbusters
    So apparently when you are in your register and search for certain transactions the total of the transactions is NOT shown when the date filter is set to "All Dates". Which makes no sense. If I want to go back 3 years to see what i spent on electricity or water then i have to use the "Custom" option otherwise the total of the transaction is not displayed.
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    If you are filtering by typing in a term in the search bar and all the other filters are left "unfiltered" you can look at the balance column to get the total.

    I think the main purpose of showing an amount here:

    is because you have two or more transactions selected out of "many" displayed in the register and want to know the total.
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