Does Simplifi downloads conflict with Quicken downloads - Wells Fargo 2FA

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I'm a long time Quicken user and I recently started a free trial for Simplifi (checking it out for my daughter). I connected all my accounts in Simplifi, and all seems to be working fine, with one exception. Since I started using Simplifi, my Wells Fargo transactions aren't downloading to Quicken. I'm using 2FA with Wells, so Quicken prompts me for the code and I enter it. No connection error, but also no transactions downloaded. However, the transactions are downloaded and appear in Simplifi. It's unclear to me which connection mechanisms each are using, but I do notice that on some of my online accounts, Simplifi access is called "Quicken". So my question is: is it possible that Wells Fargo isn't updating my Quicken data because it already downloaded to Simplifi, and it thinks Quicken and Simplifi are the same aggregator?


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    There are lots of other reports of Wells Fargo problems from Quicken users, so I doubt your problem is caused by Simplifi. The only way the two programs should likely interact with one of your financial institutions is if one of them did something to lock out your login to your account.
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    Yes, I’ve seen the reports of others getting errors with Wells. So while there’s something amiss with Wells, it’s not clear I’m having the same issue since I’m not getting an error message. Even though I can connect without an error (message), I tried a reset on the connection to see if that would help. I re-entered my credentials and then entered my 2FA code per usual. The Quicken connection dialogue reported 11 new transactions, but there were actually only three new tranx in my register. And those three were duplicates of transactions from October. So I didn’t get the new transactions that are appearing in Simplifi. I too doubt the problem is caused by using Simplifi — the two programs *should* identify themselves as separate entities to Wells, just want to confirm that is the case.
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