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I'm wondering about the possibility of adding "Memorized Payee List" to the accept downloaded transaction dropdown list. If there was a link to the memorized payee list, you could then go to it and select the "Use" feature when accepting a down loaded transaction.

Then just highlight the downloaded transaction to be accepted, go to the Mem Payee list, select the payee and select "Use" and the transaction would go from Payee list directly to the register Via accept transaction. Antythoughts or ideas?
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  • Hello @TTSguy, thank you for your suggestion, I changed this post from a discussion to an idea so that it can be voted on and considered. Thank you for participating in our community!
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    If Quicken must create a new register transaction based on a downloaded transaction, simply click the transaction in the Downloaded Transactions tab to select it. Now look up in the register. In the blue new transaction line Quicken will have posted a new transaction with Payee Name and Category as it thinks it should be. Click the new transaction's Payee Name field to get a popup with MPL entries, should you have to make changes.
    If all Preferences settings regarding downloaded transactions are set and working correctly, Quicken should remember the changes you made for next time this transaction comes along.
    For regularly recurring transactions I recommend you use a Scheduled Reminder with correct Payee Name and the category setup as needed, especially if you need category splits. Record it into the register BEFORE downloading transactions. This will enable Quicken to match the downloaded transaction to an already existing correctly named and categorized transaction.
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    Wasn't wanting a new payee. Was wanting to easily use one that is already on the list, by being able to easily access the list, then select "USE" for the selected transaction / Payee. I know Chris wasn't aware of the "USE" feature. Maybe you aren't familiar either. This is a great feature, but I've never read anything on the community about it and / or all the ways it could be utilized, thus my post about it!
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    I fail to see the advantage of bringing up the memorized payee list so that you can go through it to select the payee and then USE when you can simply start typing in the payee field in the register.  That bring up matching memorized payees.

    Note that when you are working with the Downloaded Transactions tab you never actually edit anything in it.  You are selecting a transaction in it and Quicken takes you to a transaction in the register. Either a matching one that is existing, or the "new transaction" entry.  That is what you are editing.

    And if the transaction you selected in the Downloaded Transactions tab matches a memorized payee that is already the one that is going to be put into register entry.

    One of the reasons that the USE on the memorized payee list was such a shock is because it isn't the normal flow that people use in Quicken.  Why would I do Ctl+T to bring up the list and search for the one I need when I can just start typing the memorized payee name into the payee field?
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    P.S. If you want to bring up the Memorized Payee List why aren't just using Ctrl+T.  If you are on a transaction that is memorized it will bring up the memorized payee list and select that one.  If not, it will bring it up and you will be at the top of the list.

    But like I said, I fail to see the advantage.  If the transaction selected in the Downloaded Transactions tab is memorized Quicken will already fill in the information for the transaction in the register.  If you have multiple payee entries for a given payee you can just select the pull-down menu button on the payee in the register and select a different one if it defaulted to the wrong one.

    Note I have memorized multiple payee entries for any payee that I'm going to download.  That way I don't have to guess at which one it is going to select, which has been inconsistent over the years.  Instead, I memorized the one I use the most and then just change the ones that need tweaking, which really is just changing the category.  Or if it is one that the category varies all the time like "Check", I just memorize it without a category and select "Never Auto-categorize".

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