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Is there a way to run a Transaction Register by date OR date range? The report would include every transaction from all sources. For example for a specific date I entered these transactions:

1/19/22 Cash entry $25.00
1/19/22 Check# 1514 $100.00
1/19/22 Check# 1515 $70.00
1/19/22 Discover Card charge $190.00
1/19/22 Transfered funds from Checking to Online Savings

Is there a to run a report that pulls all this together?

Thank you!


  • Chris_QPW
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    Reports -> Banking -> Transaction

    If need a running total and don't care about investment accounts, you can go to the All Transactions on the Account Bar.  If you need to print it, you can select Ctrl+P or you can export it to Excel.

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