Can't download M&T transactions

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I am no longer able to download transactions from my M&T account to Quicken. The Capital One transactions download without a problem. It seems to be a password issue.

After attempting to update, I get a screen that says One Step Update Settings. The M&T Bank Direct Connect box is checked as is the Capital One box. Next to the M&T Bank Direct Connect is the word "Password" and a box. Both the word Password and the box are in light gray. Regardless of whether or not I enter the online account password into the gray box, I get to the same screen. It says Please Enter Your Passwords. Under that it says "To continue, enter the password for the following institutions" Under that, it says "M&T Bank Direct Connect". When I click the "M&T Bank Direct Connect" it turns blue. The only option at that point is to click OK. When I do that, it bounces me back to the One Step Update Settings screen. I could use some help.


  • Tom Young
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    There seems to be a couple of different "M&T Bank" entities, and I don't know why.  Which one of these were you connected to previously?  Have you tried the 'M&T Bank Corporation" entity to see if that works?

    00788    00788    00788    M&T Bank Corporation    1-800-790-9130    ACTIVE         INVESTMENT&WEB-CONNECT         INVESTMENT&EXP-WEB-CONNECT    NOT_QBP    NA

    14770    14770    14770    M&T Bank Direct Connect    1-800-790-9130    NA    ACTIVE    BANKING,CREDIT,ACCOUNTINFO,PAYMENT&DIRECT                   NOT_QBP    NA

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