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David E Sands
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Last nnn days is a running days chart. Does anyone other than me think that last year should also be a running year not last calendar year? Or better yet leave last year as last calendar year and add Last 365 days which would be like all the other Last nnn days choices and be a running year. Perhaps also add a Last 180 days choice, then we would have running week, month, quarter, half year, and year. That would be great.


  • Jim_Harman
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    I assume you are referring to the Portfolio Value vs Cost Basis graph. One of the standard date ranges is "Last 12 months." This is for the 12 month period ending today, which I think is what you are looking for. You can also use the Custom dates selection to cover any date range you want.

    Last year is the last calendar year.

    On this graph, the intervals are chosen automatically, which can lead to some odd results.
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  • David E Sands
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    You are looking at the actual report not the tile shown on the Home Dashboard screen. That tile does exactly as I say, there is a last year choice but no last 12 months choice.
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