Simple Pop-up Message Needed for Recalling The Minimized Reconcile Window

dkdavis1 Member
I'm reconciling my account for December. It's December so it's always more complex, more entry editing, more missing transactions, etc. I am in the middle of the process, switching between the reconcile window and the transaction page. When I jumped back to the minimized transaction icon to open it back up I accidentally hit the "X" to close the window! AHHH ... NOOO!!! I was not able to recall the window and now I need to start all over.
Please!!!!!!!!, can a simple "Are you sure you want to close this window?" message be added to pop up and allow a quick correction to this error?
Thank you


  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    I'm not sure why you don't already see that (the asking if you want to quit).
    Here is what I get when I select on the X while in the reconcile window:

    This is my website:
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