Annual View Budget Totals not adding up. What all goes into the Totals at bottom screen?

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First, the version is Home, Business & Rental Property Version R37.67, Build Windows. I have done all required steps like made sure have lasted version, run validate and repair the file, and restarted computer and quicken.

So created a new budget. I only have expense categories selected. I have triple-checked on the individual categories amount in multiple ways they are correct. However, the Totals row at the bottom does not add up to the total expense for Budget and Actual. There seem to be no consistent amount it is off. In Quicken documents quote "Totals (in Annual View): The sum of the Budget, Actual, and Balance amounts for all of your budget groups or categories for the selected date range." So for me, this means to sum the column should be the Total Expenses for the month. Why would this not be true?

I have images will post will allowed to.

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