Why when add 401K category to budget it show twice in the budget and it include employer Matching?

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First, the version is Home, Business & Rental Property Version R37.67, Build Windows. I have done all required steps like made sure have lasted version, run validate and repair the file, and restarted computer and quicken.

So I selected Manage Budget Categories. Click 401K -> Check the To [Name 401(k)] -> Click Ok. Quicken then adds it twice to the budget once at the top and again lower down in the category list.

So is they a way to only have it once?

I did look in the Transfers Out but it does not have the To [Name 401(k)] list. I do see it in the Transfer In but just gives me all 0's for the amount.

Also, Is is includes the Employer Matching. I will don't want to include it budget. But we still want to record it in the account.
So, are they a way to separate Employee and Employer amounts?

I can post an image once I am allowed.

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    Here is the image. Thanks - Pam
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    Until I saw your example, I didn't even know you could put transfers into a custom category group.

    That is what is causing the problem.  Quicken is putting that custom category group in both the income and the expense sections.  One might consider this a bug, but I can see the "confusion" the transfer from your checking account might be considered an expense.  The transfer into the 401K account might be considered income.  This is the same problem you had with your mixed category group with both income and expenses, but in this case, you can't select that it is either an income or expense, the only choice is ignore.
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