Interactive Brokers: Unable to add additional IRA account to Quicken

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I am trying to add an additional Interactive Brokers IRA account to Quicken. Quicken was able to connect to IB and find that IRA account. I entered a nickname for the account and clicked next. But then the next screen keeps spinning with the text "Adding your accounts at Interactive Brokers LLC." (see attached). After a while I am able to click Next on that screen again and it shows a screen that says there is an error (see attached). I have done this several times over several days. Same results. Quicken is able to find the account but cannot add it.

I have a regular Interactive Brokers brokerage account in Quicken that connects without issue. I am using R37.67 (latest update)

What's going on? Please, this is too time-consuming.
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    An "It's not your fault" error for a Direct Connect account probably will require a contact with Quicken support.
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    Hi @WindowFinance

    If you haven't already, I suggest that you review the guidance located at this LINK.  Let us know how that goes.


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