Only one of three accounts downloaded a year's worth of data from my bank

rwehman Member
I subscribed to quicken today and linked to my bank. My business account downloaded a full year of transactions. My personal account did not. My credit card only downloaded a portion of last year. What can I do to get all of my data up to date in Quicken.


  • jacobs
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    It's completely up to each financial institution what they allow to download to Quicken online. Most typically, it's 90 days back. This isn't any Quicken limitation; it's whatever each bak or credit card company chooses to provide. 

    In many cases, you can go to the financial institution's website and find a way to download a years of transactions as a Quicken or QFX file. Once on your Mac, you can import the contents of this file into Quicken. Again, this varies by financial institution, but most allow such downloads and such imports into Quicken. 
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