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I can't get Quickfill to work. Even though I shop at the same stores, the "Payee" is different every time as the merchants often include the date. Other merchants may may include their transaction ID in the Payee name. As a result, any Quickfill rules do not find a match.

Am I doing it wrong? Is there a way around it for Quickfill to just use the first part of the payee name to find a match?



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    What you need is Renaming Rules in addition to QuickFill Rules.

    Here's the issue: QuickFill Rules are set up tied to a specific, existing Payee name in your database. If the Payee name which downloads is different each time, it will never match. So you need a way to standardize Payee names — and that's what Renaming Rules do.

    So if you have a transaction come in with a Payee name like "Home Depot 01212022 Store 9876 Anytown", you want Quicken to just use "Home Depot". So you create a Renaming Rule like this:

    This rule says that if a Payee name contains the word "Home" and "Depot", in that order, Quicken should make the Payee name "Home Depot". And if you have a QuickFill rule for Home Depot, voila! — it will work like you expect.

    Here's the catch. (There's always a catch, isn't there? ) The word or words you search for in the Renaming Rule have to be separated by some sort of delisted by your financial institution. A delimiter can be a space, in the example I used above. It can also be commas, periods, hyphens, underscore, slashes, percent signs, asterisks, etc. But if they download it with no spaces and just much everything together, Quicken isn't programmed to pull it out. That is, if the name from the financial institution is "HomeDepot8976Anytown01212022" you're out of luck, because Quicken can't parse that text. (There's no such thing as a wildcard character or "Starts with" — there has to be a space or special character.)
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  • Perfect answer ~ thanks so much! Will be investigating Renaming Rules!! Awesome!
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