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I would like to know how others track their investment buys from accounts tracked in Quicken for Mac (subscription version) but are not using the Investments portion in Quicken. When I transfer funds to purchase, how do I account for the funds (i.e., buy stocks). Would one way to transfer to a cash account and show as "Spent" cash? Thank you for your time.


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    Let me make sure I understand your question. You're using Quicken to track your income and spending, but you're not tracking your investments in Quicken at all?

    There are a few things you could do. The simplest would be to use the category "Transfer" this is a special Quicken category which does not treat the transaction as income or expense; it simply makes money disappear (or appear, if it's a deposit). Note that this is not the same as a transfer of funds into/from another account in Quicken; using plain "Transfer" means the money was transferred to or from somewhere outside what you're tracking in Quicken.
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    Yes, I use Quicken as you stated. I never noticed or realized the "Transfer" category that is not an income or expense. Thanks for pointing that out and I will check it out and report back.
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