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I've encountered a bug in trying to add a NYSE listed stock in Quicken. I tried to call in the problem to support, but the person I spoke to said he could do nothing about it. I see no way to send a bug report email to Quicken, so in lieu of what would be a normal email communication, here is the problem:
Banco Bradesco is a Brazilian bank traded on the NYSE.
They have two stocks, a common and a preference stock.
BBD, the preference share, CUSIP 059460303 - trades many millions of shares a day symbol BBD. The security and the ticker symbol is recognized by Quicken, and transactions record in the ledger.
The common stock, symbol BBDO, CUSIP 059460402, is a NYSE listed ADR. It has a ticker symbol that is recognized by Quicken to start. When entering a purchase transaction, it enters normally, but the transaction does not record in the ledger. The security does not show up in the security list after a transaction is entered. When I tried to add the security in the Add Security box, the symbol is recognized, it shows as a large cap stock in the setup dialogue box, but it doesn’t record in the security list.
Banco Bradesco common stock has 4.86 Billion shares outstanding. At a closing price on the NYSE of $3.22, the market value is $15.64 billion dollars. Please add it to the system.

What I've done for myself is to add a security using the Brazilian symbol which doesn't know but I am able to post the position, so the position I have shows in Quicken, but the price can't update as the program doesn't recognize Brazilian symbols. I can't use the US symbol BBDO, as Quicken recognizes the symbol, but I can't record any purchases using the correct symbol due to the problem stated above.

I hope that the company actually monitors this board so the problem can be fixed.


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