Can one merge a Loan account with History with a duplicate account that has Express Web Connect.

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Good Afternoon,
I have always been confused by the way quicken keeps mortgage info. I understand there are differences between mortgages and general banking accounts (payment schedule and extra payment calculators), and that's all good.
My issue is, I've had a mortgage account that I've manually updated, even though other accounts from the same credit union will update with express web connect the mortgage loan was always on it's own.
Something changed or improved a few months ago and Quicken noticed my mortgage loan account from a one-step update and created a new account and activated express web connect with it. So now Quicken has my manual account that has 12 years of payment history, and it also has a duplicate account that it created after a random one-step update.
The new connected account doesn't have any payment history, not even downloaded transactions, so there is no register listed. When I go to payment details, there is a circle graph, but nothing below it.
The old account has all the payment history in the register, but I don't see a way to push it to connect with the credit union, when I look at account details, there isn't even a tab for online services.
I would manually copy the history from the old account to the new account, but without a register showing up in the new account, there is no place to paste the transactions.
And if the new account is connected and updates when doing one-step updates, why doesn't it download payments and match transfer's in the source account (where the payments come from)?

Also, Quicken use to have a "make a loan payment" button. Now the only way I put loan payments in is to make a new transaction in the funding source account and use a manual transfer for the principle amount.

Another strange item, when making a mortgage payment, in the transfer list I see all my accounts, including the old loan account, but the new loan account - the one that is connected to the credit union with web express - doesn't show up.

Does any of this make sense to someone?


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    I suggest you save a backup (press Ctrl + B) and then delete the online mortgage account (open the account, press Ctrl + Shift + E, and select Delete Account).
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