How to force an account to close?

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I have a long-unused closed account that was never closed on Quicken. I used to download transactions on it. It is now BLOCKING downloading into a newer savings account. How can I force it to close? It gives me an error message about not being able to close because of scheduled or pending transactions? HELP!


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    Hello @cathykreisman,

    Thank you for coming to the Community with your questions and concerns, though I apologize that you are having issues closing this account.

    I am wondering how this account is blocking you from adding the new account, can you explain what exactly you mean by this?

    If the new account has the same account number and is trying to link it to the older one, you should be able to tell it to "Add" it rather than "Linking" it. I can't think of another reason off the top of my head that would cause it to "block" you from adding a new account.

    You can also make sure this old account is deactivated (it must still be connected due to those pending transactions), once it is you can delete the financial institution name and account number out of the General tab in the Account Settings window.

    As for the message you are receiving regarding the scheduled or pending transactions, are there overdue reminders in this account or old bills that still show as pending? If so, please resolve these in order to proceed with closing/deactivating the account.

    Do let us know if you have further questions regarding this, thank you!

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  • RickO
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    You are getting this warning because there are either pending online transactions or scheduled transactions in the account. Let's deal with each one. But first, make sure you have the Status column in view in the register. This is the column with a black dot at the top. If you don't see it, click menu View > Columns and checkmark the Status entry.

    1. Scheduled Transactions: You may not be able to see the scheduled transactions. To remedy this, click the tiny clock icon at the upper right of the register, then select Show Reminders: Next One Due. This will display all scheduled transactions associated with the account. You will see a clock icon in the Status Column. Double click on each one which will reveal a blue bar under the transaction. Click the ...More Options button, then Delete All Instances. When you're done, there should be no clock icon transactions.

    2. Pending Online Transactions: Do you see any transactions with white envelop icons in the Status column? This would indicate a Bill Pay transaction that wasn't processed. If so, double click the transaction and select Show Details. Click the Bill Pay tab and then click Cancel Payment button at the bottom. Or you can right click on the transaction and select Cancel Payment. If that doesn't work, hold down the keyboard Option key and click menu Transactions > Delete Transaction (with the problem transaction selected in the register). You will get this window:

    Click Delete Transaction to force it to be deleted.

    Once you've gone through these procedures, you should be able to close the account.
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  • cathykreisman
    First, I am not trying to add a new account. The newer account that I added 4 years ago is now being blocked to download transactions by my old account at a bank I no longer do business with. A window appears asking me to confirm my identity with the old bank. It's a different named bank if that makes any difference. The old account is zeroed out and has no pending transactions or scheduled transactions. I did all of that at the bank - not quicken. It all makes no sense to me.
  • jacobs
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    @cathykreisman If Quicken is telling you an account can't be closed because there is a scheduled or pending transaction, then accept that there is such a transaction in Quicken which you need to eliminate. Just to be clear, if you Control-click on the old account in the left sidebar, try to select Mark "account name" as Closed. If Quicken tells you it can;'t do so, then please follow the excellent instructions from @RickO above to find the culprit and eliminate it. 
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  • cathykreisman
    Nevermind I figured it out
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