How to get Tax Line information from Quicken to TurboTax with .txf

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I am importing 2018 tax info from Quicken 2021 to TurboTax 2018. I must use a .txf file. The tax line did not get output into the .txf file so TurboTax does not know where to put the inputs. I have to type everything in. How do I get the line numbers into the .txf. And, will TurboTax read them?


  • Tom Young
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    This is hard to follow.
    First, you associate various appropriate Categories to the appropriate tax line item.  You do that by editing the Categories, clicking on the Tax Reporting tab and then selecting the tax line to be associated with each Category.
    Next, you click on Reports > Tax > Tax Schedule or Capital Gains and customize the date range to 2018.
    Then you click on the Export icon at the top of the report and select "Report to tax export file."  You're asked for a file name and where you want this file stored on your hard drive.  Having provided that information you click Save.
    At that point open TurboTax, select File > Import > From Accounting Software and select "Other Financial Software (TXF file).
    That should work.
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