CapitolOne Quicken Servers Not Communicating

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Repeatedly receiving this message "Quicken encountered an error while communicating with our servers.
Try again later. If the error persists, contact Quicken Support."

Well, I've tried again, and again, and again so I'm contacting Quicken Support. I can log directly into CapitalOne just fine so it's not the credentials. Obviously I did not purchase Quicken to add purchases by hand so would appreciate Quicken addressing this issue.


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    @whein779 When you said you're contacting Quicken Support, I want to make sure you're aware that this website is not Quicken Support, although it aims to provide support with Quicken. ;) This "community" site is mostly fellow Quicken users helping each other, with some help from a small team of Quicken moderators.

    For a connectivity problem like you're having, you'd likely be better off contacting Quicken Support. It's easier to suggest and test 5 different things in 5 minutes of a phone call than back-and-forth over hours or days of back-and-forth on this site. More importantly, the Quicken phone representative can, with your permission, share your screen to see what you're seeing, and can dive into a log file which may provide clues about the nature of the problem. And they can escalate the issue to their connectivity team if they determine there's an issue on the back-end.
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    @jacobs :) Super helpful, thank you!
  • whein779
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    I subsequently contacted Quicken. They had me: Go into KeyChain (I'm on a Mac) and delete the passwords stored for CapitalOne, then opened settings in the problem account and under "Downloads" I "disconnected the account" then readded it as a new account, selected CapitalOne in the dropdown menu, then relinked it to the problem account and it's now working. I hope this helps others who may run into this.
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