Linking of accounts to NetXInvestor does not work

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I have just submitted a "Report a Problem" about this, but I cannot get Quicken for Mac [Version 6.5.1 (Build 605.42638.100)], to link to a brokerage account I have on Username and password are correct, but it says "Oops. We're having a problem. Quicken cannot communicate with NetXInvestor." (yes, I prepend the username with the 3-char company ID). Seems like this is an ongoing saga issue having nothing to do with Windows or Mac. Will it ever be resolved?


  • jacobs
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    @MarkHunn Have you tried calling Quicken Support? The "Report a Problem" is useful when there's a problem which can be replicated by you and then someone at Quicken; it's often not helpful if they can't replicate the problem at their end. And you don't get any response or interaction from the bug report. with Quicken Support, you can talk to a human and they can verify what you're seeing, and look in your log file to see what's behind that error message you're seeing; they can also escalate the issue to the connectivity team when appropriate.
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