Schwab download: Latency for the transactions to show up in Quicken

Murali Narayanan
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Before the start of the Quicken-Schwab disaster, I could download the transactions into Quikcen immediately after executing a trade. Now if I download 30 minutes after an execution of a trade, the transaction doesn't show up in Quicken. I don't get any download errors. Sometimes, I have to wait a few hours after a trade execution to start the download to see the transaction in the Quicken investent register. Has anyone else seen this issue? Need guidance.


  • Chris_QPW
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    You are never guaranteed "real time" transaction retrieval, even with Direct Connect.

    Given that this is Express Web Connect +, as in the way the data is retrieved changed it is even more likely not to be "real time".  As such this would be "not a problem", working as designed.
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  • Murali Narayanan
    Murali Narayanan Member ✭✭✭
    I am ok with a 15-min or a 30-min latency. Sometimes it takes 4-5 hrs for the transactions to be downloaded. In the past, it was "close to real time" - i.e. i execute on, switch to quicken and hit one step update and bingo, i could see the transaction in quicken.
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