Disappearing transactions since early December

Gary Passon
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Spent the last 4 days with QuickenTech support. Apparently, nothing can be done by tech support and they have no idea when "engineering might fix this". Apparently, it has been broken since early December. The strange symptom is that each day the transactions download and then disappear the next day. It is affecting all active accounts all banks and processors. Have found some transactions missing as far back as July. Turned off online/mobile to no effect. OF COURSE, I reinstalled from a backup just before all this happened to start and even that one data file has the same display / missing transaction issues. Reconciling is broken (because missing transactions are not in there and I cannot do my year-end tax reports... YES, all reports are missing the invisible transactions.


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    Do you not have any older backups that you could try.
    All that your 1 backup demonstrated is that the issue began before that backup ... but it doesn't indicate WHEN it began.
    Also note that if these were transfer transactions, deleting 1 side deletes the entire transaction.
    What steps did support have you try ... so that we don't simply repeat what's been done.
    Lastly, what Q product are you running and what BUILD of that product?  Do HELP, About Quicken for this info.

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