Can you adjust mouse pointing? I must point at the bottom fraction of a button to accept

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When I'm reconciling transactions, I have to be careful to point at almost the bottom pixel of the "accept" button. (okay, perhaps the bottom three or four). If the cursor is pointing to the MIDDLE of the button, or above, nothing happens.

Yeah, I have learned to manage, but why can't this get fixed?


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    In the Downloaded Transactions Tab in a bank account register:
    For me (Windows 8.1, Quicken R 37.67) on a 17" laptop screen, the Accept button on the individual transaction line works just fine in a fairly large area, as soon as the mouse pointer changes from the usual arrow to a hand symbol.
    What Windows version, what Quicken version are you using? What screen size and resolution settings are you using? 4k hi-res or one of the more old-fashioned lower resolution monitors? Are you using View / Use large Fonts or a Windows Control Panel setting greater than 125% text size?
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    @chkingsley, is this the problem that is discussed here
    where the pop-up text almost completely covers the buttons in the register itself?
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    No, that's not it. I'm looking at, say, the "accept" button when reconciling downloaded data. I must point to near the bottom of the button for it to work. Middle and above, nothing. "La, La, la, I can't hear you"
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