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Things have gotten better with Quicken bills over the last month but I have two billers that each have an issue.

Hyundai Finance does download but shows no PDF or billing info unless I actually look at the PDF that was downloaded.

WellsFargo never downloads and sometimes asks me for a verification code and never asked for a phone number or email address.

Windows 10 with Q lates version. R37.67 Build


  • Quicken Alyssa
    Quicken Alyssa Moderator mod
    Hello @Robert Ralyea,

    Thank you for coming to the Community with your questions and concerns, though I apologize you are having these issues with your billers.

    I am confused as to what you mean about the Hyundai PDF issue. Can you please explain that differently or possibly provide screenshots so I can understand what the issue is that you explained above. If needed you can refer to this FAQ for instructions on attaching screenshots. Alternatively, you can drag and drop images into the comment box as well. 

    For the Wells Fargo issue, when you say it never downloads, do you mean that it doesn't update the next amount due? And the MFA doesn't always ask for an email address or phone number. That would depend on the biller and on your security preferences through the biller. 

    Looking forward to hearing your response, thanks.

    Quicken Alyssa

  • Robert Ralyea
    Robert Ralyea Member ✭✭✭
    When I go to the biller (Hyundai) menu I select The PDF and I see the current bill. The only way I see  bill is if I go to the biller menu as it never shows up on the biller line in bills.

    Wells Fargo never update.I I do a refresh it asks for user ID, password and verification code. How do we get the verification code. None of my billers ever ask  for a verification during a refresh biller it always happen after logins completed.

  • Robert Ralyea
    Robert Ralyea Member ✭✭✭
    Here are some screen shots
  • Robert Ralyea
    Robert Ralyea Member ✭✭✭
    Never get an identification code. WellsFargo just doesn't work.
  • Robert Ralyea
    Robert Ralyea Member ✭✭✭
    Wellsfargo has been resolved. I called the bank because where you check the box for text messages the box doesn't check. They performed dome magic and now I get verification codes.
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