How can a Canadian buy Quicken for Mac - zipcode issue ?

Marcov Member
edited February 2022 in All Things Canadian (Mac)
The Quicken form to enter payment info has a zip code field and does not accept Canadian postal codes, so apparently it is not possible to purchase Quicken in Canada.

I did not try PayPal, since as apparently does not work either.

Customer support want me to give credit card data over the phone, which of course these days is not recommended.

Asking a US friend to purchase it for me is not a solution either, since the activation code is tied to the user code and I am in Canada.

Canadian stores do not sell Quicken either.

So, my questions are:

- How can I purchase Quicken/subscribe?

- Why does Quicken make it so hard to buy their product?

- Why don't they fix the zip/postal code problem?


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