trying to enter a transfer transaction from one account to another - error -

using latest quicken. have 4 bank accounts. trying to post a transaction transferring from one account to another - both accounts exist on the data base. using the [account name] and system error 'account not found, setup account'. helps ???


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    Are you literally typing the the phrase "account name" ... or are you typing the the name of the target account there?
    Also, what's the name of that target account?
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    or.... in the Category - are you starting to type the name of the target account ... [ ...  
    and then picking from the account names listed ?

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  • not using a category. i am selecting an account "in brackets" in the list ... posting from account "Personal" to another account [Auction] ... it's there.
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    How exactly are you entering the Transfer transactions - both should work ....
    A - the Account Register and [dest acct] syntax in the Category column .... as shown above ...
    B - the Account Register GEAR and Transfer Money menu item... as shown below ...

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    Have you validated and supervalidated your Quicken data file? It might have become corrupted ...

    Advanced Data File Troubleshooting to Correct Problems With Quicken for Windows

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