Migration from Quicken on Windows 10 to Mac

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I am migrating from PC to MAC. Can I take Quicken backup on PC and restore it on MAC?


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    Quicken Mac and Quicken Windows are cousins, not identical twins, so there is a conversion process and the program has many differences, some minor and some major.

    If you're aware of all this and are just asking how to get your Quicken data onto your Mac, you're on the right track. Take either a backup of your Quicken Windows data file, or create a .zip copy of your live Quicken Windows data file, and move that file to the Mac. If you created a .zip, double-click it on the Mac to un-zip it. When you launch Quicken Mac, after signing in with your Quicken ID, you'll land on a "let's get started" page, where you can click that you want to start from a Quicken Windows file. You'll select the Quicken Windows file, and Quicken will do the rest to run its importer.
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