Pie chart total is correct; Report total is wrong- Math error- investment asset allocation

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In the Report Section: Report- Investing- Investment Asset Allocation I am experiencing a math error.
This report produces a pie chart and a detailed report below that.
The pie chart total is correct.
The detailed report has a math error in the cash section.
The cash section starts with an item called -cash-, and this same item and same subtotal is listed again at the bottom of this Cash section just before the LINE and then below the line is "TOTAL Cash". The Total Cash shown is correct, and matches the Cash in the pie chart.
HOWEVER, the "TOTAL Investments" grand total at the bottom of the entire report seems to be adding that -cash- line twice. The "TOTAL Investments" number in the report is higher than the TOTAL in the pie chart by the amount of that -cash- line that was listed twice in the Cash section of the Asset Allocation Report.


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    I see the same problem in my default Asset Allocation report. There are two "-Cash-" lines in the Cash section of the report and they are both included in the total of the Cash section.

    Since you brought it up, I tracked down and fixed the problem in my data file as follows:

    -- I changed the ending date for the Asset Allocation report to find when the second -Cash- line first appears. This narrowed it down to a date range of 1/5/21 to 1/10/21

    -- I ran the Investment Transactions report for the same date range to see what transactions occurred then. This showed a Withdraw transaction in one of my accounts on 1/7/21.

    -- I backed up my data file, just in case ...

    -- I deleted the Withdraw transaction and observed that the second -Cash - line is now missing from the Asset Allocation report.

    -- I re-entered the Withdraw transaction and there is still no second -Cash- line.

    Problem fixed but not explained.
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