Bug or feature? Please restore how bill reminders with "auto enter" work!

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Previously I could easily change an auto-entered transaction any way I wanted. E.g., I could simply type over the amount of a future credit card payment and have the change also show up in my bank account to help see the future balance there.

Now the auto-entered transaction is locked until I right click on the transaction which brings up the menu:
- Skip this one
- Edit this instance and all future instances
- Delete this instance and all future instances
But in my case I want to "Edit this instance but _not_ future instances", and I want to do that without having to right click and select the proper item from a pop-up menu.

If this is supposed to be helpful, please retore the previous ability to directly edit the transaction and add a menu item to the transaction's pop-up menu to activate this "feature".

I don't see any description of this change in recent release notes so presumably it is a bug. Strangely, it happens to only about half of my auto-entered transactions, perhaps the recenly entered ones?


  • Quicken Paloma
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    Hello @DougL219

    Thank you for reaching out to the Quicken Community. We apologize you are having this issue. Based on the information provided I attempted to recreate the issue but was unable to. Could you please attempt to validate you file? 

    To do this select File >Validate and repair file. On the pop up window check the first box “Validate” and lick OK. Once the file has been validated please attempt to change the amount of you affected bill(s). 

    When you have a chance please let us know how it goes! 

    -Quicken Paloma
  • DougL219
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    Sorry for the delay but it took me a while to figure out how to compare my QDF database before and after validating. Validating reported quite a few things, none of which would seem to be related to the problem, but it did produce a QDF file which is not quite correct, which I'll report about elsewhere.

    In any case, the problem with the "locked" future transactions remains in the validated file. Fortunately it turns out that there were only two transactions which had this problem and many other future transactions which did not. The date of one of the two has now passed and it is no longer "locked", so maybe I'll be able to edit the other eventually.

    One possible hint as to where the bug is located is that I had reduced the number of days to "auto enter ## days in advance" in each transaction.
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    edited February 2022
    I suspect you have set Reminders to show in register and are attempting to edit a reminder set to be automatically entered - not the transaction that has been automatically entered.  A reminder has the small clock face  icon in the Status column.

    As I recall, we have never had the ability to Edit this instance of a reminder set to be automatically entered.
  • DougL219
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    Sherlock, you solved the case. Thanks!

    I changed "Reminders to show in register" from "Next 30 days" to never and the problem went away, but ...
    1. There was no clock face anywhere
    2. The reminder was specified as "Auto enter 11 days in advance" instead of "Remind me 11 days in advance"
    3. I have a zillion other reminders set up the same way but only two behaved this way.

    Oh, well, my troubles are over.
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