How can I show a gift (Uniform Gift to Minors) investment account on my portfolio page

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How can I show a gift (Uniform Gift to Minors) investment account amount on my investment page without those balances being included in MY investment & IRA balances?
I've checked the box in "Account Details"/"Display Options" to "Keep this account separate - account will be excluded from Quicker reports and features"
This does not stop those balances from being included at the bottom of my Investments page.
Is there a way that I can accomplish this?


  • Jim_Harman
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    Accounts marked Separate are shown on the Accounts bar but are not included in the Net Worth total at the bottom of the bar.

    Also you may want to consider starting a separate Quicken file for the minor. UTMA accounts are taxed to the minor and any assets left in the account when the minor comes of age will belong to them.
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  • Maybe I wasn't quite clear enough with my question.
    I would like to track the gift investments on my "Investment page" with those amounts separated from my Investment & IRA totals. My gift investment accounts are shown separated from the others but included in the grand total at the bottom of the page.
    Maybe this isn't possible but it would be more convenient than having 2 separate Quicken files. I am not the "Custodian" of the UTMA accounts but I am aware of the tax situations involved. This can mean the income can either be taxed as Custodian income or minors income, depending on how the Custodian does it. It definitely is best taxed as the minors income.
  • Jim_Harman
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    Sorry, "Investment page" is not a common Quicken term. Where exactly are you looking?

    It is perhaps an Investing > Portfolio view? You can customize those views to select which accounts to include.
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  • UKR
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    If you're talking about the Investing tab's Portfolio view  when you say "Investment page"...
    Have you tried setting up a separate "Customxx" view, selectable by using the "Show [xxxxx]" selection field? Once set up to show only the gift accounts you can toggle between your regular view, e.g. "Value", and the "Customxx" view just by selecting it from the "Show [xxxxx]" field. And you can rename the Customxx view and give it a proper name, if you wish.
  • MY bad, you have the correct page that I'm referring to in my question.
    I'd like to VIEW the accounts there, if possible, without those amounts being part of the total at the bottom of the page
  • UKR, what you suggest could be the answer to my problem.
    Thank you
  • Jim_Harman
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    Portfolio views will show the accounts you have selected and the total for those accounts. If you want, you can make two views, one with all your accounts except for the UGMA accounts, and one with just the UGMA accounts. Click on the Customize button nd then the Accounts tab to set this up.

    One caution is that new accounts are automatically added to these views, so when you create a new account you must decide whether you want to include it in the view or not and adjust the customization accordingly.
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