net-worth-account-balances shows different holdings values

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...compared to the register's Holdings report. This is true on one of my investment accounts, but not others. E.g, when I ask Quicken Windows to show me Net-Worth and then Account-Balance (with details), I see the four holdings in that account with the wrong values next to each. But when I go to the account register and ask to see the Holdings, I get the same four holdings with significantly different values - and they are correct here. This is not true in another investment account where the Net-Worth report matches the register Holdings. Any ideas why?


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    Please check the Investing > Portfolio Value report, subtotalled by Account. Does that agree with the Holdings view or with the Account Balances report? The Portfolio Value report uses a different computation than the Holdings view to get the total.
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    Is this a fresh Account Balances report or one you have saved?  A saved one may need to be replaced.

    Have you confirmed that the date range for the report is correct?

    If you alter the date back in time does it become correct at some point, then go off?

    Next thoughts would be to backup and then Validate and Repair.
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    Thanks, Jim Harmon and q_lurker. Yes, the date-ranges are correct, and the error appears in most (all?) date ranges.

    Again, what's shown on the left "accounts" column of quicken shows the correct current (today) value for this Schwab account and the holdings-value display within the portfolio for my Schwab account is correct for any date I may choose. But the Reports-netWorth-Account-balances with "details" requested shows the wrong mutual fund holding values for several mutual funds in the Schwab account (driehaus, oakmark, one of the vanguards) and the correct mutual fund holding value for one mutual fund (vanguard interm-term tx-ex.)

    The Merrill account I have (with different mutual funds) does NOT have this broken characteristic - only the Schwab account -- and for that Schwab account, three of my four holdings are broken but one of the holdings is accurate.

    I have done several validate-and-repair, including one to delete and rebuild the price history - this has not fixed the problem.

    It's as if the Reports-netWorth-Account-balances report uses different securities pricing than the account-holdings-value display which is correct on any/every day I have looked at, compared to logging in and looking at my values - and only the schwab account has this problem of incorrect values.

    Odd. I appreciate that you both tried to help. Thanks.

    Jim, I am curious about your statement "The Portfolio Value report uses a different computation than the Holdings view to get the total." What is the different computation? And why should those two reports use different computations?
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    The Portfolio Value appears to calculate the total values as Cost Basis + Gain/loss and the Holdings computes it as Shares * Share price.

    Of course these should add up to the same amounts and usually do, but if there is a problem in your data somewhere they may be different.
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    [edited - hit Save too soon] To clarify, to perform the check by changing dates we are recommending, you should set the report date range to Earliest to date, then set the Date range to Custom and change the ending date for the report and the As of date for the Holdings view back in time to see if there is a date when the values agree. Then move it forward to find the date when they first disagree.

    When you know when they start to disagree, go to the transaction list (register) and review the transactions near that date to see if anything is amiss. Sometimes deleting and re-entering a transaction fixes this sort of problem.

    Be sure to back up your data before changing historical transactions. 
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