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Does anyone understand how this report works? If you pick dates for the report it seems to only record the change in net worth, not the actual balances. I'm trying to have a graph that only shows my monthly/yearly net worth balances but this is nowhere close to it.


  • Jim_Harman
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    How are you accessing this report? The report at Reports > Net Worth & Balances > Net Worth usually works reliably. Select the date range you want and Year for the interval.

    The report accessed from the traditional Home tab sometimes has problems, which you may be able to resolve by removing and re-adding the Net Worth panel.
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    Another option would be to go to the Property and Debt tab on the Home Screen.  You can use the Net Worth tab which allows to select how many years the graph shows and you can even select what the intervals are (years, months or quarters) for the bars.  I have a net worth graph for the last 10 years with quarterly intervals.  Works great.
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    It was showing up incorrectly on my dashboard. I just deleted the old net worth report and picked the net worth report from the menu and it works now. Not sure what the old report was calculating. Thx
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