How can I print all account information (including account numbers) on quicken for Mac?

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I'm trying to print out a list of all my accounts (banking, investing, credit cards) that includes the account numbers and other details. How can I do that?


  • jacobs
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    You can't. ;)

    Any account login information is stored in the Mac keychain; it's not even stored in your Quicken data file.

    If you're trying to do this to create a list fo a loved one in case they need the information, my suggestion would be to generate a Net Worth report and export it to a CSV file. A Net Worth repost lists each of your accounts. Delete the column with the dollar values if you don't want this in your record, and then manually enter your account number and/or login information in column(s) to the right of the account name. You can print this spreadsheet, save it somewhere, even secure it with a password.
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