Budget Report is not showing the actual values entered

I am having trouble with the current budget report. The budget column on the report is not showing the actual values that I enter into the budget, but seems to be showing a calculated amount for that category. The first budget I created, I had it estimate the value for each column, ever since then, I've changed the values to be accurate, and also created a budget manually, and the values still seem to be calculated when they appear in the report. No amount of tinkering changes it. See the attached screenshot to see what I'm talking about. I narrowed the screenshot down to just the mortgage category, but they're all doing it.

I'm using quicken home, business, and rental. R37.67.


  • bmciance
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    I think this amount is the prorated budget up to today. Change the date range of the report to the full month and you should get the amounts you entered. 
  • tonyevans
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    Nevermind. The issue was that the date range was set to month to date, which also splits up the budgetted amount up to that date. I have to select "Monthly" in the date range to see the actual values for the whole month.
  • Sherlock
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    When we view a portion of the month, Quicken does a bit of math.  There are 31 days in January and since you're only viewing January 1 to January 29, Quicken estimates the budgeted amount as 29/31 of the allocated amount for the month.  Using your example,   $1641 x 29 / 31 = $1535.13
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