Memorized Payees and their "Category" in Mobile Sync app

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Perhaps someone can answer this question:

For 1 1/2 years I've had issues with mobile sync in some way corrupting my data. In Oct. 2020 it would wipe out the category where I had the transfer account info in memorized payees list (I use that for CC payments from checking to transfer to my CC account). Then in around June 2021 it would outright damage my checking account balance and add transactions in a closed account on my desktop file. I disabled sync'ing since it was damaging my desktop file so often after trying several mobile cloud resets, new data sets, repeated file validations, etc.

I tried again in January 2022 after one of the Quicken program updates (R37.67) and found the corruption of my account balances was fixed (for now). But the memorized payees section on my desktop got damaged again, namely the credit card transfer account category in my CC listings in the payees list on the desktop gets wiped out.

I took a look at what the memorized payees list is in the mobile app. It looks different with the mobile app vs. my desktop data for credit cards. In my desktop, I set up the category as a transfer to the particular CC account in the memorized payees list. But in the mobile app that same payee shows as "Uncategorized"; sync'ing always overwrites that category on my desktop hence wiping out my transfer.

When I try to manually force the category in my CC memorized payees to be a transfer to that CC account (that is, like on my desktop), the saved memorized payee now shows in the category as "N/A". When I sync, the mobile payee listing for that credit card payment goes back to "uncategorized" and my desktop gets overwritten.

Going a step further, I noticed that *all* of my memorized payee list entries that use a category "transfer (to an account") are listed as uncategorized in the mobile app and the data gets deleted on my desktop.

The root of my problem appears to be not being able to force a memorized payee's category to be a transfer like in the desktop. Is there a way to fix that?

Curiously I also see a category in my mobile app called "root" which does not exist on my desktop. Also, I cannot delete that category, it's grayed out. That was really weird
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