Reconcoile Failures

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I have been a Quicken user, non-stop, for almost 30 years (early 1990s). Since it's sale by Intuit, I have not been able to reconcile any of my 7 accounts. Not online nor manual downloading. I give up. Moving on.


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    @jerryandshari I'm not sure what the sale of Quicken by Intuit six years ago has to do with this. The software has continued to evolve, with the same development team, since before the sale until today. 

    If you haven't been able to reconcile any of 7 accounts for six years, there's clearly something not right in your data or in how you're doing it. Many thousands of Quicken Mac users, including me, reconcile every account successfully every month.

    I don't see any questions you've posted about this in the past, but it doesn't sound like you're seeking any help from the user community now, either, so I'm not sure of the reason for your post now. Best wishes on whatever software you find to better suit your needs. 
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