"Enter Valid Date" message after reconsile

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Version R38.25 / Build / Windows 10 Home. Following reconciliation of account, I get the message 'Enter Valid Date". All dates are valid. Why is this happening. It started recently, probably after some update. There are several other complaints similar on this forum, but no resolution. What can be done to correct this issue? If I simply click OK, the message closes and no issues are apparent.


  • UKR
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    Is there an unsaved partially filled in transaction in your register, perhaps one that contains a payee name, category or memo, but no date? Look at the new transaction entry line and see if it's clean. Pressing ESC once or twice to clear the new transaction might do the trick.
  • Wildlife
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    No unsaved partially filled in transactions, none without a date, nothing wrong on any entries. This happens on any account I reconcile. There are numerous similar reports on this forum.
  • jil
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    I get the same error randomly, and always after I reconcile. So many bugs.
  • Wildlife
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    Maybe someone on the Quicken team will read this, and other similar complaints, and do something to correct the problem.
  • Sherlock
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    If you aren't already using a Windows Short Date format of the form M/d/yyyy, I suggest exiting Quicken and resetting the Short Date format.
  • Wildlife
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    I just checked, Windows is already using the short date format, but Quicken is using the long date format 2/2/2022 vs 02/02/2022. I changed windows to match Quicken (long format) will find out what happens next time I reconcile. THANKS!
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