I'am getting supscription expired

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[Removed-Disruptive]. is there any way around this freezing u out of using the program


  • jacobs
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    @Montana81 Can you clarify: do you have a subscription which has actually expired? Or is it telling you the subscription expired when it actually should not be expired?

    If your subscription expired, and you had any version other than Starter, you can continue to use Quicken indefinitely, in manual mode. You lose the ability to download transactions and price quotes, or import QFX transaction files. And you get a permanent reminder of your lapsed subscription on the right quarter of your screen, which is annoying as hell, but is Quicken's way of prodding former customers to become current again. But you are not "frozen out" of using the program.

    So if you decide you don't want to pay for a subscription, your choice is to either continue to use Quicken manually with the reminder message, or to not use Quicken.

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  • Montana81
    It has expired some time ago, but I have been using it manually, which is fine with me, but now all of a sudden it has locked me out completely, my only option is renew or delete quicken
  • Montana81
    I have the deluxe model on quicken, I was hoping I could use it indefinitely, I preferred using it manually, but out of the blue it just stopped working giving me the only option renew or delete
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