Importing categories to a new data file (Quicken 2017)

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I want to start an new quicken2017 data file and import the categories from an existing quicken2017 data file. How do I do that?


  • jacobs
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    There is no direct way to do that.

    You could potentially do it this way: Make a copy of your existing Quicken 2017 data file, open the copy, and proceed to delete every account in the left sidebar (Control-click on each account one at a time, and select Delete account from the pop-up menu), which will also delete all the transactions. The result will be a Quicken file with no accounts and no transactions, but your existing Categories will be intact. 

    It's definitely not recommended to do this, because keeping all your financial history in one file is generally more useful than having separate files. But if your old file is incomplete, far out of date, or otherwise hopelessly messed up, you might pursue this approach.
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