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Julie Smith
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I ran my report several times, but I'm simply missing certain categories that are definitely there. I renamed two of the categories to determine if they'd surface on the report, but NOPE - they just aren't there.


  • jacobs
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    @Julie Smith What we need to find out is if you are using the "old" Category Summary Report. If so, it is known to have data errors which the developers have not fixed because they plan to eliminate it from the program (but haven't yet done so). The "old" reports are the ones in the Reports section which appear under the "Other" section and have gray icons, while all the new reports have different colored icons:

    The top of the old Category Summary looks like this:

    The top of the new Category Summary looks like this:

    If you're using the "old" report, the simple solution is: don't.  There are two ways to generate a new Category Summary report: (1) Go to Reports > Summary and select one of the Category Summary pre-built reports, and then edit the date range to be what you want; or (2) click Create New Report > Summary, click Continue to Customize, set the dates, and press OK. 
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