Update has been asking for American Express password

Update has stopped connecting to American Express (was working perfectly until some recent update) It asks for me to enter the account password, but does not accept it. It is the correct one that is stored in the password vault, checked it on the amex site, re-entered it and saved it. Still doesn't work. Is it only me? Is there a solution? Seemed to work fine until the last Quicken for windows update


  • Sherlock
    Sherlock Member ✭✭✭✭
    Please provide the version of Quicken being used: select Help > About Quicken

    Please provide the full name of the financial institution and the connection method being used: open the register, press Ctrl + Shift + E and select the Online Services tab

    Note: We're using R36.38 with American Express using the Direct Connect connection method and have had no issues.
  • jerryhj
    jerryhj Member
    I am using R38.29 the most recent and having the same problems with AMEX and chase and some of my investments. Windows 8.1. Very disappointed with the update.
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