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Am I missing something, or does the search function not search Notes? Is there some specific setting to allow this to happen? It seriously limits of the functionality of notes if they're not findable.



  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    The search function searches all visible columns in the register. If you want to search the Memo/Notes field, make sure it's displayed in the register you're searching.

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  • jacobs
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    If you're not aware, you control which columns are visible in any register by clicking the Columns icon in the bottom menu bar. Check the ones you want; uncheck the ones you don't. Also note that you can set this on a register-by-register basis, so you can have Check # on a checking account but not on a credit card account.

    If you click on All Transactions in the left sidebar, make sure you set that register to also have the Memo/Notes column set to display. When you Search All Transactions, it will also search in close/hidden accounts, so you don't have to un-hide them to search them. This is really useful if you're looking for an old transaction and don't know which of the credit cards you've used over many years it was charged on. 
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